Last Afternoon Tea and Film Workshops

The third and final afternoon tea was a more quiet affair but eventful all the same.  Residents from Risedale were guests once more and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Burt was very lively and sang songs from his youth and a few of them he got four-year old Alex to join in, especially with ‘Roll Out The Barrell’ and ‘ If you’re happy and you know it’!

Alex and Bert having a sing song

Volunteer Colin used our new super duper audio recording machine to capture some ambient background noise which may be used later on in filming.  We were also visited by the Evening Mail reporter who took some photographs and notes.

1950’s record player

People were happy to pose and talk about their experiences.  Again we were able to informally interview guests for possible stories that we could later use.

Wendy talking to Risedale residents

Later this week we will be putting together all our notes and information we have gathered.  We will discuss what we could use and who we could formally interview via oral recording.

These recordings will become archive material that will be filed at Barrow Library Records Office for posterity.

Audio recording machine

With some of the stories collected we will also be using for a creative writing project which has already started run by Signal’s associate writer Zosia Wand and associate film maker Sam Harrie.

A group of young people from Furness Academy recently came along to Signal for a one day film workshop.  This was a ‘taster’ day of basic fiction filmmaking, story skills, including a taster of basic camera skills, fast, fun story generation, acting for screen, team work and directing.

They learnt how to use images and sound to tell a story about a heritage object that could have been found in the Cooke’s building, so they became aware of the history of the building and the wider heritage project taking place.  The group worked on an idea for a 3 – 5 minute film, which they wrote acted and shot in a few hours. The films were set within the Cooke’s building and they chose to use a pair of vintage Italian shoes and a pair of mother of pearl cufflinks to build their stories around.

At the end of the day the kids watched the films they created (No post-production editing was required as the film is an in camera edited production). They’d worked hard and fast all day and the screening for both films was pretty impressive.

See for yourselves………

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About cookescreativeheritage

The Cooke's Creative Heritage Project is an exploration of the history of the iconic Cooke's Building on Abbey Road in Barrow-in-Furness, using film, creative writing and digital media to bring the heritage of the former department store to life.
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